The Background

Asoebi Concierge is a brand that is dedicated to making event logistics as seamless as possible.

Fabric Sourcing

Fabric & Vendor Handling

Packaging Design & Production

Asoebi Delivery

Invitation Delivery

RSVP & Guestlist Management

Event Mini-site

Personalised Requests

Dedicated Account Officer

Asoebi Concierge is focused on specialized event logistics services ranging from fabric sourcing, fabric and vendor handling, packaging design and production, fabric delivery, invitation delivery, RSVP and guest list management, event mini-site, personalized requests, and the provision of a dedicated account officer for an event.

The Challenge

Asoebi Concierge needed to revamp its website to accommodate new features that would help the brand serve its customers better. They wanted to create a unique home for each of its clients where they can track the progress of their upcoming events and invite friends, family, and event guests to purchase event fabric and make reservations.

The new website also needed to capture the glamour that comes with events, especially wedding ceremonies which is the major event customers engage Asoebi Concierge for.

Approach to

A seamless asoebi experience

Dedicated to the idea that

Everything is Possible



We've got you covered

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Phase 1: Prototyping

We had to rethink the new Asoebi Concierge website to make how the brand is reshaping event logistics the focal point. From the moment a customer lands on the website, the value offered should be communicated succinctly and stylishly.

Different dashboards are to be designed to help both Asoebi Concierge and its clients keep track of events from the planning up until delivery.

From Receiving Payments

To Keeping Records

To Making Deliveries







Phase 2: Design Direction

The Asoebi Concierge color palette (gold, black and white) contributed to the minimal and classy look and the use of modern typography added to the vibrant personality of the website. Redundant information was shed from the previous website to make for a new minimal look.


Phase 3: Bringing it all together

The new website is beautiful to behold, easy to navigate, succinct in messaging and efficient in functionality. The website’s friendly user experience makes for a great start of a promise to deliver a flawless and glamourous event from start to finish. The website eliminates the ambiguity that comes with putting an event together for existing customers and a perfect introduction to the brand’s services for new visitors.

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